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Digests on CanLII Connects

When I find interesting, unusual, and important new cases, I write about them and post them on CanLII Connects. The link below will take you to an archive of my work published on CanLII Connects.

Note that my CanLII Connects writing is informal, not peer-reviewed, and does not express any opinion or position on behalf of my employer or clients. It's not authoritative commentary, it's not legal advice, and it's all my own work. If I've written on a topic that resonates with you and you think I can help, or if you have a contrary opinion and want to chat me up, please do!

CanLII Connects

The Courts this Week Newsletter

I also put out a regular newsletter digesting recent cases and other law news through MailChimp. Clicking the link below will take you to our signup form. Note that signing up will generate an "opt-in" email that will complete your subscription. Please read over my terms and privacy policy before signing up. If you are receiving newsletters by mistake, please contact me.

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