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About Orion Legal Research

Orion Legal Research was the name of my solo legal research and writing practice, active in 2017 and 2018. As of March 2018, it is no longer a solo practice as its lawyer is now a part of Chatwin LLP's roster of lawyers, but the name lives on as some of its informal projects (such as these) continue.

About Christopher Felling

I founded and managed Orion Legal Research as a solo law practice. It was a natural outgrowth from my B.A. in creative writing (2010) from the University of Victoria and my J.D. (2015) from the University of Alberta. While I am back in the litigation game, I am still a law nerd and an active reader in all areas of the law. My favourite cases are still those that involve complex and abstract family law, contract, and civil procedure questions.

I articled and practiced as a junior partner at a prominent high-conflict family litigation firm in Edmonton, Alberta. In law school I was a member of Student Legal Services of Edmonton and Pro Bono Students Canada, taking part in their management. I have appeared in the Provincial Court of Alberta, the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta, and other Albertan tribunals. I've conducted and supervised legal research for members of the public and for non-profit and advocacy groups. I'm active in the Canadian Bar Association and, in particular, sit as part of its Alberta branch's legislative review committee. I love hearing from people who are interested in the law and how it is changing.

Before joining the legal profession I was a published poet and arts journalist. There is a swamp rock / blues album out there where I sing and (very badly) played the guitar. Outside of law I bowl, garden, and root for the Oilers in spite of it all. I am an enthusiastic cook and the personal chef to my wife, Theresa.

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