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agile, efficient, and creative legal research and writing support for Alberta's lawyers


Legal research and writing practice is more than just memo-writing, and I take a hands-on approach to working with other lawyers. I want to be your partner in advocating for your client, whether by working collaboratively with you or by taking the lead on the written work on your file.

Legal Research

I am an all-purpose legal researcher interested in all areas of law and familiar with the pace of today's legal practice. Typical research opinions and memoranda can be completed within a weeks' time, within 3-5 billable hours.


My clients have described my work on special chambers' letters, trial briefs, and other written arguments as a "godsend." If you are already working around the clock to prepare for a hearing, rest easier knowing that the arduous work of written argument is already in progress, and done at a cost both your business and your client can comfortably pay.

Noteup, Review & Editing

We have been writers and editors for longer than we have been lawyers. If your own writing is looking for revision, or if you need a detailed critique of submissions from the other side of the courtroom, I can help make your case as professional and persuasive as it can be, and provide note-up and research review along the way.

Litigation &

Solicitor's Work

As part of Chatwin LLP, I can also assist clients needing more traditional services from a barrister and solicitor, both in and out of court. Contact me and let me know about your needs. If I can't help you, we can. If we can't we can help refer you to someone who can.